Make your own bibliography style in LaTeX

If the many multitudes of LaTeX bibtex* bibliography styles don't suit you, never fear! It's easy and exciting to make your own bibliography style (.bst) in just a couple of minutes, or even hours if you really get into it! Here's how I did it:


  • A Unix computer (e.g. a Mac)
  • With MacTeX installed (MacTeX is the free LaTeX distribution for Macs)
  • A passion for procrastination and tedium...
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Note-taking on readings for graduate school

One of the most difficult aspects of the transition from undergraduate work to graduate work has been the massive increase in papers and books I have to read for class. After talking with my coursemates and exploring methods suggested on the internet, I developed this simple note-taking "grid" to use to standardize the information I collect from the various readings I do. The main point of the grid is to make reading more efficient (i.e. to prevent me from taking notes on every little thing, which is my default), to focus attention on deeper questions about the work, and to neatly keep track of the connections between readings. Feel free to download and edit this for your own use if you think it might be helpful!

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